Learn About deetlebop Art

At deetlebop Art, we sell unique fine prints and framed photographs that you won’t find anywhere else. If you’re looking for something unique and a special gift for someone or a beautiful picture to showcase in a room or office, take a moment to browse our offerings.

deetlebop Art features the photography of Joseph Castro and Marlo Doll.   We are located in beautiful Carson Valley Nevada.  Carson Valley is special in that there are so many diverse elements to photograph in the nearby vicinity.  A 30 minute drive in any direction puts you in the forest, in the desert, in the snowy mountains or in the fantastic Lake Tahoe.  We started deetlebop so that we could share the incredible vistas that we get to behold daily and share the wildlife that we get to live with.

We also own and operated we website design and software development firm called Internovations, LLC.  We operated deetlebop as part of Internovations.  Internovations has been in the business of building website and custom Internet based software solutions since 1996.

All of our photographic prints are one-of-a-kind and we make our prints to order.

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~May the world through our eyes delight you.